Dystopian Film Recs

1 09 2011
  • “untitled”
  • 90 films (10 x 9)
  • created by anonymous



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2 09 2011

About the tags.

– 1984 is called 1984, or Nineteen Eighty-Four, not V: 1984.
– Clockwork Orange is A Clockwork Orange (like you’ve tagged it before)
– Element of Crime is The Element of Crime

Missing: Alphaville, Death Race 2000, Fahrenheit 451, Kin-Dza-Dza, The War of the World: Next Century, Z.P.G.

2 09 2011
Robert Paulson


3 09 2011

You didn’t add the missing ones… ­čśŽ

3 09 2011
Robert Paulson

Because I am not making or editing these, just storing other people’s. These are people’s personal lists. For all I know the anon who made this had a reason for not including those.

4 09 2011

I meant the tags. They are missing from the tags. They are in the picture.

4 09 2011
Robert Paulson


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