2011 /tv/ Film & Television Survey Results

14 01 2012

The 3rd annual /tv/ survey was held over a 48 hour period on January 1st and 2nd, 2012, and had a total 3519 responses, up substantially from the 1159 who took the survey in 2010 and 102 in 2009. The results have been broken into 6 separate images:  General Overview, Film & Television Overview, Film Ratings (parts one and two), and Television Ratings (parts one and two).  There are also bonus images for /tv/’s all time favorite films and favorite TV Shows.

You can find all of them below the cut.

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Infographic: Numbers Behind the Academy Awards

16 10 2011
  • “Numbers Behind the Academy Awards”

Infographic: Percentage of Films Made in Each Genre by Year

16 10 2011
  • “Percentage of Films Made in Each Genre by Year”

Infographic: The Pyramid of Internet Piracy

16 10 2011
  • “he Pyramid of Internet Piracy”

Infographic: Bestselling Movies Are Not the Most Pirated Ones

16 10 2011
  • “Bestselling Movies Are Not the Most Pirated Ones”

Infographic: The Economics of Star Wars

16 10 2011
  • “The Economics of Star Wars”

Infographic: Tommy Westphall Universe Theory

16 10 2011
  • “untitled”