General TV Recs 7

30 08 2011
  • “ultimate tv list”
  • 182 film (42 x 5)
  • created by anonymous

Individual TV Tier List

30 08 2011
  • “/tv/ tv tier list”
  • 163 tv shows
  • created by Robert Paulson

2010 /tv/ Film & Television Survey Results

30 08 2011

The results of the 2010 film and television /tv/ survey are finally complete, presented to you now in the images below.  Lots of really interesting data and statistics, both on the films and shows that were most loved, and on the demographic makeup of the board and its ratings.

Obvious troll responses were mostly purged, though of course many still must have gotten through. As I said in the original thread a week and a half ago, results won’t be scientific and trolls are guaranteed. Still, these are about as accurate of results you’re gonna get from a 1-day crackpot survey on /tv/. So enjoy.

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General TV Recs 2

29 08 2011
  • “recommended television”
  • 275 tv shows (12 x 24)
  • created by Robert Paulson